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Betaglucans are one of the most studied imunomodulators today.
There is lots of informations you can find on the internet. For example here: www.betaglukan.eu.

Our mission is to bring serious informations about Beta-Glucans to the public.
On this site we will publish news, informations and links suitable not only
for scientists and experts in pharmacy or immunology.

Effect of various nutraceuticals on phagocytosis – new study by prof. Vaclav Vetvicka

Optimal supplementation with minerals and vitamins forms the basis for development of adequate immune responses not only to Covid-19 infection, but also to other bacterial and viral infections. This study compared the effects of 21 days of oral supplementation with Betaglucan to nutrients which are known as “immunity booster” (vit. C, vit. D, vit B6, zinc and selenium). Used method was evaluation of phagocytic activity of peritoneal macrophages and peripheral blood monocytes and neutrophils.

You can download the PDF version here:
Effect of various nutraceuticals (PDF)

NATURAL IMMUNOMODULATOR – A Scientific Approach – book by Vaclav Vetvicka, PhD.

Very important book for everyone who wants to keep pace with the latest findings in natural immunomodulators. The author compares pros and cons of 7 popular natural substances used in food supplements (Astralagus, Cat´s Claw, Chlorella, Elderberry, Ellagic acid, Essential oils, Ginseng, Curcumin, Cinnamon, Probiotics, Transfer Factor, Echinacea and Glucan).

This book is a must for R&D and marketing people.

You can download little appetizer here:
Chapter 16 - Comparison (PDF)

Could the Induction of Trained Immunity by β-Glucan Serve as a Defense Against COVID-19?

It is not EFSA approved, that beta-glucan can increase human imunity and thus help with coronavirus prevention, but scientists Anne Geller and Jun Yan published interesting paper about it already.
Published in Frontiers in Immunology, July 2020.

You can download the PDF version here:
Article (PDF)

Comparison of immunological effects of commercially important beta-glucans.

Not all beta-glucans are equal. They have not only different concentration, but also „biological performance“. This study performer by prof. Vetvicka and his team compares 5 different immunological parameters (phagocytosis, production of IL-2, production of superoxide anion, antibody response, reduction of breast cancer) of 6 today very popular yeast beta-glucans. It was presented in form on the poster on Vitafoods 2018.

You can download the PDF version here:
Comparison (PDF)

Urinary tract infection – evaluation of β-glucan, mannose and cranberry extract

Urinary tract infection represents common problem for both general public. The aim of the study was to evaluate the effects of some natural molecules as potential food supplement in UTI. For these experiments we used beta-glucan, mannose, cranberry extract and their combinations. This study will be published soon.

You can download the PDF version here:
Urinary tract infection (PDF)

What is an Immunomodulator, and How Does it Help Support Immunity?

Immunomodulators and their effects on immunity is a topic at the forefront of growing research on how yeast beta glucans can support immune health. Join Sonja Nodland, principal scientist for Wellmune®, in a Q&A on immunomodulators and the latest insights into how they influence immune health.

Very interesting article - see link here.

Placebo-driven clinical trials of yeast-derived β-(1,3) glucan in children with chronic respiratory problems

This paper is focused on the effects of orally administered glucan in children with chronic respiratory problems. Very interesting clinical study performed by team of American and Czech scientists and medical doctors.

Original paper for download is here:
Placebo-driven clinical trials of yeast-derived… (PDF)